Testimonials For Madison Attorney Robert Nagel

Throughout his many years of practicing law, attorney Robert Nagel has received numerous thank yous and testimonials. Below are a few that are representative of the appreciation and warm regards following a difficult and emotional period in the defendant's life.

From Defendants, Family, and Friends

Attorney Nagel... I should thank you for what you have done for me. I know that I have picked the best. Keep up the fine work, and... THANKS."
BH, Defendant

Thanks again for taking my case. Your tact and expertise have proven invaluable throughout this mess. I got what I wanted, and all while working with a genuinely cool guy! Couldn't have asked for more."
TG, Defendant

That is fantastic news! Thank you very much for your help these last few weeks. You took a lot of extra stress off my mind and I am incredibly appreciative."
JB, Defendant

Thanks again for all you are doing. I've made some extremely bad decisions in the not so distant past- I'm glad I chose an excellent attorney to help me clean up my mess."
HD, Defendant

If you need an amazing lawyer, call Attorney Nagel!!! THANK YOU Attorney Nagel for your support today!"
GO, Defendant

Attorney Robert Nagel, Thank you immensely for all of your assistance. I feel like I have asked you endless questions about my legal matters, and you have flawlessly answered every single query. It seems like you truly care about helping not only your clients, but everyone in need. You have done so much to help me, but more importantly to assist in the launching of a prospective nonprofit organization. I appreciate all you have done, and I believe a great many people in need will as well."
DKG, Social Worker

Robert: Just a quick note to say thank you for your help and support in this matter.  All the best for a great year!"
EF, Father of Defendant

Robert: Just know you're on my referral list anytime someone asks for a great criminal defense attorney!"
CW, Defendant

Fantastic! Thank you so much for all your help. I know you must hear this a lot, but you've been an incredible talent throughout this whole ordeal."
TB, Defendant

Robert: I am just writing to say that I am very pleased with my representation by your firm.  If I ever were in need of an attorney again,  I would most definitely hire you again."
SS, Defendant

Attorney Nagel: Thank you for being there for me.  Not having gone through this sort of thing before,  it was bewildering and confusing for me.  I appreciate your patience and kindness."
JB, Defendant

Robert: I really appreciate what you did for me -- you're a very admirable lawyer."
LW, Defendant

Attorney Nagel: Thanks for doing a great job with my case!"
PF, Defendant

Attorney Nagel: Yahoooo!  I am so happy this is all over with.  Thank you for all your hard work and persistence on this matter!"
BP, Defendant

Dear Mr Nagel,  I have total confidence in you. You are a professional, run a sound business, and have great knowledge. Can't express how grateful I am to have stumbled upon you. Thank You Again!"
MWJ, Daughter of Defendant

Robert: You're the nicest and most approachable attorney I've ever met."
KF, Defendant

"Mr. Nagel: Whatever the outcome may be, I want to thank you for everything you have done for me.  I was very emotional at my hearing, and I do not know if I expressed my gratitude for your belief in me and everything you did on my behalf.  I feel confident that everything that could have been done on my behalf was done."
JK, Defendant

Attorney Nagel: Thank you for handling my case.  I am very happy with the outcome."
KR, Defendant

Attorney Nagel: Hurray!!!!  Thank you so much for taking their case on - we're all in your debt."
Friend of Defendants J and I (Note: all charges were dismissed for both defendants)

Robert: Thanks for everything.  I would be lost without your help."
AM, Defendant

Robert: Thank you again for your assistance with my situation.  I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate your help."
JN, Defendant

I am extremely happy with the news! Very happy client."
GR, Defendant

Robert: You're like a dream come true to me!!"
MJ, Defendant

Attorney Nagel, I just heard from my mom. Thank you...thank you thank you thank you so much. From the bottom of my heart."
AT, Defendant's daughter

Attorney Nagel, Thank you very much!I will be in touch soon. You are the MAN!"
BC, Defendant

Heard you kicked a** representing my brother-in-law the other day? Thanks for helping them out... "
JY, Defendant's brother-in-law

Attorney Nagel, you run a decent business and live up to your website... I couldn't be more pleased. You're worth every penny and probably more. I have total confidence in you and your atty knowledge and professionalism and I trust you."
MJ, Defendant's daughter

Robert, I renewed my (nursing) license. If I had surrendered it I would have had to pay an additional $600.00 to renew it after waiting a year. Thanks to your advise I did not do that. I just had to pay for the license renewal and a late fee. Thanks for your help and guidance in this matter."
R, Defendant (professional nurse)

Thank you for everything you have done for me."
DK, Defendant

Thank you once more for what you have achieved (for my son). Thank you for going out of your way to call me this evening. I appreciate it and will try to explain it all to (my son)."
KR, Mother of Defendant

Robert, Excellent. This is the information I need. Thanks for your help. I will get this taken care of right away. "
NM, Defendant

Thank you for keeping me updated... I will await your next update on your brief for the court of appeals."
BI, Defendant

I wanted to thank you for the good news and all your hard work. I would highly reccomend you to anyone that would need your services."
JR, Defendant

Thanks for working hard for my cause!!"
JC, Defendant

What terrific news! Thank you so much, Robert! And thank you to your staff. Thank you so very much for handling this and for keeping me updated."
JH, Defendant

Thanks Attorney Nagel, everything appears great. I really appreciate your help throughout the process and getting many of the charges dropped."
PH, Defendant

Thank you for your effort on my behalf Mr. Nagel, GOOD JOB!"
JM, Defendant

Wanted to thank you again for all your help. You Da' Man."
JR, Defendant

Thank you! I appreciate all of your help!"
RC, Defendant

My man, and thanks for being persistent"
GR, Defendant

Thanks for all the rescues"
LS and MS, Parents of Defendant

Thank you again for your excellent professional services."
JDR, Defendant

Thank you for the consultation. This is the first time I feel better."
MD, Defendant

Attorney Nagel: Thanks for everything."
TO, Defendant

Great to hear and puts me at ease. Thanks again!"
BS, Defendant

Just wanted to say thank you again for all you did for me during my court process. You're a true professional in every way. I won't ever forget all you did for me and keeping me on the right track and giving me quality advice and I will always recommend you to anyone I know in the future."
AW, Defendant

That is great news! Thank you so very much for pushing for this. And thanks also for taking the time to answer my numerous anxiety-riddled questions."
HD, Defendant

Thank you very much for your assistance in this matter! Hopefully I will not be in need of your services again anytime soon."
BS, Defendant

From Criminal Defense Law Colleagues

Thank you for the additional information. I am waiting to clarify a few points with the arresting officer but I wanted to let you know that based upon my review and the additional information that you have provided there is a strong likelihood that I will move to dismiss this matter at the FPT date. ."
Assistant District Attorney CW, Rock County, to Attorney Nagel

Excellent Call, Mr. Nagel. Cool Beans."
Criminal Defense Attorney CB

Thanks to everyone who helped along the way (including) Attorney Robert Nagel."
Criminal Defense Attorney TW

Your equal protection motion looks very good.  I'm impressed.  I should have thought of that. Good Stuff."
Criminal Defense Attorney BB

Thanks for your help last week on that sentence adjustment.  We were successful."
Criminal Defense Attorney MR

That's a big help; thanks!"
Criminal Defense Attorney GM

Good work!"
Attorney JR

I just reread your response & it's right on. Thanks for doing such a great job.."
District Attorney GR

Interesting. Good job."
Criminal Defense Attorney JT

Thanks for your help!"
Criminal Defense Attorney JR

Your attorney, Mr. Nagel, is not known for engaging in any kind of groveling. You've got a very aggressive attorney..."
Circuit Court Judge William E. Hanrahan (from a transcript of proceedings)

"I want to thank (prosecutor) MS and (criminal defense attorney) Mr. Nagel for doing the background work ... so they could talk to each other about what the facts were and the legal impact ... but also what the facts were in this pretty tangled and complicated factual history ... the reason that this aspect of the case went so smoothly is that both attorneys were so thorough and diligent and communicated well with each other obviously and sorted out a very complicated history ... It really does make a difference... we can focus on the matters that are of great importance to everyone in this community."
Circuit Court Judge Diane Nicks (ret.) (from a transcript of proceedings)

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