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Madison Attorney Robert Nagel

Robert Nagel has practiced law for more than 30 years in Madison and defended clients who faced numerous criminal charges including misdemeanors, felonies, drunk driving/OWI/DUI, probation revocations, sexual crimes, drug crimes, property crimes, and computer crimes. Robert's extensive experience offers you the services of a highly qualified criminal defense firm with a deep knowledge of the judges, prosecutors, and procedures in Wisconsin courts. Attorney Nagel has an excellent trial and appellate record. He is one of Wisconsin's best defense lawyers.

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There is no single best attorney in Wisconsin but there may be a best attorney for your case. Meet with Madison Attorney Robert Nagel to determine if he is a good fit for you and the specifics of your criminal charges.

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Retain the best criminal defense lawyer you can afford. Attorney Robert Nagel offers experienced criminal defense representation for a reasonable fee. Fee arrangements can be made based on your ability to pay.

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Attorney Robert Nagel at the US Supreme Court

Attorney Robert Nagel Admitted to Practice Before the U.S. Supreme Court

Attorney Robert Nagel was admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday, December 12, 2022, specifically admitted on oral motion. This means Attorney Nagel was present in open court when the motion was made and the justices granted it. (Written motion does not require an applicant to appear personally, but the effect is the same.) Former Senator Russ Feingold was admitted at the same time, the only other Wisconsin applicant on this day.

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Practice Areas

The Law Offices of Robert Nagel takes a comprehensive approach to criminal defense. Attorney Nagel has spent three decades in Wisconsin courtrooms fighting for the rights of the accused, acquiring extraordinary experience in a wide range of criminal law categories.

Drunk Driving / OWI / DUI

Defending DUI cases has always presented special challenges. In Wisconsin, due to statutory changes and more sophisticated blood alcohol-testing technologies, mounting a successful defense is difficult, but there are aspects of the arrest and charge that can be challenged.

Drug Crimes

Drug charges include misdemeanors and felonies, and range from simple possession; possession with intent to deliver; and manufacture, distribution or delivery. The severities depend on the class of drugs, quantity of drugs, and first-time or repeat offender.

Sex Offenses

Just being accused of crimes of a sexual nature can cause disruption in family and destroy a person’s reputation in the community. Accusations can result in the loss of job or expulsion from school. A conviction may carry mandatory prison time and lifetime registration as a sex offender.

Computer Crimes

As computers have become more pervasive in our lives, the types and numbers of computer crimes have increased, including child pornography, cyber-stalking, and identify theft. Because computers are frequently shared, computer forensic examinations may be necessary.

Property Crimes / Theft

Theft is taking something that doesn't belong to you, whereas a robbery is taking something from a person and using force, or the threat of force, to do it. You commit a burglary when you enter a building, home, or other structure with the intent to commit a theft or other felony crime within it.


Fraud is the knowing use of dishonesty and deception in order to achieve some sort of gain, usually (though not always) financial. Under Wisconsin law, most fraudulent crimes involve theft of property. Typically, the property stolen is tangible, such as real property, a car, or money.

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Many criminal defense attorneys talk about the depth of their experience. Over a 30 year career, Attorney Robert Nagel has handled over 5000 criminal cases in Wisconsin circuit court. The best testimony to Attorney Nagel's success has been given by his clients.

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Criminal Defense Attorney Robert Nagel

Attorney Robert Nagel practices criminal defense law in Dane County, Wisconsin and surrounding counties in south central Wisconsin, including Sauk, Columbia, Jefferson, and Dodge Counties, with offices in downtown Madison.

Attorney Robert Nagel

Robert Nagel

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Robert's focus is on intelligent legal representation and active communication with his clients. He aims to solve clients' legal problems and educate clients in addressing their issues.

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